My name is Dustin Dimisa and as the CEO of ICG I want to talk to you about your experience with mortgage lending.

The mortgage market is currently in a period of change and with that change there is the opportunity to create new strategies for the home loan process. Often, clients find the loan process invasive and difficult.

I want to pioneer a movement, to bring our consumers to speak directly with myself, and to have those hard conversations others aren’t having, where we learn about the pain points of your experiences. Direct feedback will help create change.


I want to learn about the good, the bad, how we helped, and any difficulties consumers experienced. I want to build trust with past clients, and learn how our products helped. I am hoping the direct communication I have with customers will create a more efficient process for everyone. Your stories will give me insight into the consumer process and how we can improve the mortgage industry. Help raise awareness for this program so that we can make home loans better for everyone.