Dustin DiMisa Looks Back on his Consumer Connect Mission

The mortgage industry is currently in the middle of a major transition period. Dustin DiMisa has seen the silver lining in this and has a mission to change it- the act of disruption is also an opportunity to learn, that here before us is a situation that could lead to efficiency in the home loan process.

So Dustin DiMisa set out to speak to 2,000 consumers and figure out what good and bad experiences consumers were going through and how to change them.

Day 1: Dustin talked to both happy and unhappy consumers and closed out day 1 with a positive attitude.

End of Week 1: The biggest takeaway Dustin DiMisa learned in week 2 was to meet deadlines better so that consumers aren’t stressed about their short-term future during the process.

End of Week 2: Dustin DiMisa was happy to hear a lot of positive feedback with their home purchases in week 2. It was great to take note and get a better assessment of how Dustin is running his company.

Week 3: Dustin DiMisa continues his journey to changing the industry and completed another week of phone calls. He’s definitely got a few more pieces of knowledge up his sleeve after another exciting week.

Week 4: At this point Dustin has heard some consumers sound angry, aggravated, happy, content, or completely jaded. He even spoke with someone who thought it was a way to gather leads. But that someone was amazed when they learned differently. This project has offered him a holistic view into how every decision the leadership team at InterContinental Group make affects real people… hard working consumers. Each week that goes by Dustin DiMisa grows as a leader and an industry game changer.

Week 5: As week 5 comes to an end Dustin reflected on why he started this journey. The best way to build trust between the company and our consumers is to pay attention, it’s as simple as that. Most companies overlook the obvious and go through years of marketing research before realizing that all they have to do is give one of their customers a phone call every now and again. Dustin DiMisa and ICG don’t want to make the same mistake, and so, consumer connect was born. Consumer Connect will revolutionize the way that companies interact with their customers for the decades to come.

Week 6: This week Dustin DiMisa’s main goal has been to develop a social media presence to continue to hear your thoughts even past these phone calls. The goal is to make the experience more enjoyable and to do that we need to gather feedback from you as much as possible and never stop listening.

After a few weeks on the Consumer Connect project Dustin believes the experience has been so amazing and informative. The Consumer Connect goal continues to be to put the consumers first no matter what.

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